Emergency Announcement

UPDATE as of 9:10 a.m. on Friday, February 24, the Sidney Campus is closed. All three campuses are now closed for the day.


Employee Directory by Location

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone Campus
John Miller ABE Instructor 308.763.2018 Alliance Campus
Lora Dahlgren Nursing Instructor dahlgrel@wncc.edu 308.763.2030 Alliance Campus
Linda Schneider Allied Health Adj Inst schneid7@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Edward Salazar Powerline Instructor salazarj2@wncc.edu 308.763.2024 Alliance Campus
Maurine Roller Acad Enrich (ESL/Found Ed) Adj Inst rollerm@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Erica Muhr
Alliance/Sidney Nursing Program Director
Nursing Instructor
muhre@wncc.edu 308.763.2010 Alliance Campus
Linda Leisy Secretary/Alliance Campus leisyl@wncc.edu 308.763.2003 Alliance Campus
Vicki Joule Science Adj Inst joulev1@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Robyn Iossi
Alliance Campus Director
Student Services Coordinator-Alliance
iossir@wncc.edu 308.763.2001 Alliance Campus
Jerome Hinrichs Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst hinrich1@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Marc Fisher Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst Alliance Campus
Shirley Edgecomb Allied Health Adj Inst edgecom1@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Tammy DuBray Executive Secretary dubrayt@wncc.edu 308.763.2002 Alliance Campus
Robert Dillon Acad Enrich (ESL/Found Ed) Adj Inst dillonr@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Ellen Dillon Assistant Dean of Instructional Support Services dillone@wncc.edu 308.635.6787 Alliance Campus
Bobby Delgado Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst delgadob@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Richard Darnell Math Instructor darnellr@wncc.edu 308.763.2020 Alliance Campus
Andrew Shiers Math Instructor shiersa@wncc.edu 308.763.2020 Alliance Campus
John Carroll Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst carrollj@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Jeremy Brayton Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst braytonj@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Beverly Ackerman Night Information Coordinator (Alliance) ackerman@wncc.edu Alliance Campus
Seedy Sarr Assistant Men's Soccer Coach sarrs@wncc.edu Scottsbluff
Lora Dahlgren Nursing Instructor dahlgrel@wncc.edu 308.635.6061 Scottsbluff
Harish Subedi Chemistry Instructor subedih@WNCC.EDU 308.635.6110 Scottsbluff
Kenny Hopkinson
Speech Instructor
Forensics Co-Coach
hopkins1@wncc.edu 308.635.6047 Scottsbluff
Robert Thompson Jr. Theatre Instructor thompsor@wncc.edu 308.635.6038 Scottsbluff
Chad Gibney Assistant Men's Basketball Coach gibneyc@wncc.edu 308.635.6368 Scottsbluff
Lilanie Helgerson
Advising Specialist
Single Parent Program Advisor
helgersl@wncc.edu 308.635.6153 Scottsbluff
Kim Reichert Administrative Assistant reicherk@WNCC.EDU 308.635.6103 Scottsbluff
Clinton Riesen Auto Technology Instructor riesenc1@wncc.edu 308.635.6084 Scottsbluff
Julia Roy TRIO Secretary royj@wncc.edu 308.635.6190 Scottsbluff
Haley Nielsen Nursing Instructor nielsenh@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Kathryn Yost Allied Health Adj Inst yostk@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Guy Wylie Social Science Instructor gwylie@wncc.edu 308.635.6129 Scottsbluff Campus
Mary Wuest Secretary (PT) wuestj2@wncc.edu 308.635.6151 Scottsbluff Campus
Sandra Wounded Arrow Night Information Coordinator (HATC) woundeda@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Connie Lutz
Financial Aid Receptionist
Admissions Secretary
lutzc5@wncc.edu 308.635.6010 Scottsbluff Campus
Peggy Wolff
Health Information Tehnology Program Director
Health Information Technology Instructor
pwolff@wncc.edu 308.635.6064 Scottsbluff Campus
Christine Wolf Veterans UB Program Asst/Military-Vet Affairs Director wolfc@wncc.edu 308.635.6042 Scottsbluff Campus
Amy Wisniewski
Academic Enrichment Coordinator-Language
English Instructor
wisniews@wncc.edu 308.635.6363 Scottsbluff Campus
Scott Winters Business Instructor winterss@wncc.edu 308.635.6094 Scottsbluff Campus
Amy Winters Math Instructor winters4@wncc.edu 308.635.6195 Scottsbluff Campus
Stacy Wilson Foreign Language Instructor wilsons@wncc.edu 308.635.6079 Scottsbluff Campus
Linda Williams Accounting Clerk-Casual williamsj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Kristin Wiebe Major Gift & Planned Giving Officer wiebek@wncc.edu 308.630.6714 Scottsbluff Campus
Brittany Wells Mathematics Adj Inst wellsb1@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Megan Wescoat Residence Life/Activities Coordinator wescoatm@wncc.edu 308.635.6017 Scottsbluff Campus
Paula Weimer BNA/Med Technology Instructor weimerp@wncc.edu 308.635.6744 Scottsbluff Campus
James Weber Business & Information Tech Adj Inst weberj@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Nadine Wearne Allied Health Adj Inst wearnen@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Tiffany Wasserburger Criminal Justice Instructor wasserburgerj2@wncc.edu 308.635.6118 Scottsbluff Campus
Ghada Wahdan Allied Health Adj Inst wahdanj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Randy Waldron Business & Information Tech Adj Inst waldronr@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Mary Kay Versen Educational Outreach Programs Director versenm@wncc.edu 308.635.6769 Scottsbluff Campus
Susan Verbeck Executive Administrative Assistant to the President sverbeck@wncc.edu 308.635.6101 Scottsbluff Campus
Mark Vanhorn Continuing Education Adj Inst vanhornm@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Susan VanderVeen Senior Head Cook vanderveens@wncc.edu 308.635.6179 Scottsbluff Campus
DJ Vanderwerff Financial Aid Assistant Director vanderw3@wncc.edu 308.635.6008 Scottsbluff Campus
Kathleen Van Pelt
Night Information Coordinator (Scottsbluff)
ABE Tutor/Aide
van peltj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Thomas Tylee
ESL/Foundations Instructor
Advising Coordinator
tylee1@wncc.edu 308.635.6026 Scottsbluff Campus
Ipek Turkyilmaz Women's Basketball Assistant Coach turkyilmazj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Katrina Tylee Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator tyleek@wncc.edu 308-635-6185 Scottsbluff Campus
Patsy Yager Early Childhood Education Instructor yagerp@wncc.edu 308.635.6064 Scottsbluff Campus
K. Tucker Math Instructor tuckerk@wncc.edu 308.635.6056 Scottsbluff Campus
Harold Thruston
ABE Instructor
ABE Aide
thrustonj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Jerry Terwilliger Ctr for Bus./Individual Trng. Adj Inst terwilli@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Richard Teller Test Center Proctor tellerj2@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Ruth Taylor Secretary taylorr@wncc.edu 308.635.6060 Scottsbluff Campus
Lori Stromberg Business & Individual Training Director strombergl@wncc.edu 308.635.6703 Scottsbluff Campus
Jason Stratman Dean of Workforce Development stratmanj@wncc.edu 308.635.6083 Scottsbluff Campus
Luke Stobel Advising & Recruitment Specialist stobell2@wncc.edu 308.635.6132 Scottsbluff Campus
Andrew Stobel Language and Arts Division Adj Inst stobela@wncc.edu Scottsbluff Campus
Imgyu Kang
Choral Activities Director
Music Instructor
kangi0@wncc.edu 308.635.6045 Scottsbluff Campus
Holly Sterkel Marketing Manager sterkelh@wncc.edu 308.635.6080 Scottsbluff Campus
Norman Stephenson Counseling Director stephens@wncc.edu 308.635.6090 Scottsbluff Campus