Email Use, Rules, and Guidlines


Western Nebraska Community College makes WebMail accounts available to regular employees and students to aid the instructional, research, guidance, community service, and administrative purposes of the college. All use of the Internet e-mail system at the college should reflect this intent and consider the public nature of this resource.


All regular Western Nebraska Community College employees, students in good standing who are currently enrolled for college credit classes are eligible for an e-mail account.

Compliance with Rules

The user agrees to adhere to the College approved policies and procedures as outlined in the "WNCC Information Technology Resource Policy" and this document. Notice of any changes will be made by the system administrator.


Users are not allowed to attempt to gain administrator rights, compile programs, install system software, bulletin board systems, games, chat software, etc. on any WNCC computing resource. Doing so can result in a loss of this privilege.

Commercial use of WNCC Internet Accounts (Student/Employee/Affiliate) is strictly prohibited.

E-mail accounts are to be used only by the account holder.


E-mail is to be maintained regularly. Users who allow e-mail to accumulate can cause unintentional problems for other users and the administration of the system.

If a user continually neglects to keep messages from accumulating in his/her account, Internet privileges may be suspended.

Account Closure

E-mail accounts are closed at the end of the semester unless the student has registered for credit classes in an ensuing term.

Failure to comply with the WNCC Internet User Rules and/or Information Technology Resources Policy may lead to immediate account suspension/closure.